Sophia Burrell International, Inc.

Sophia Burrell International, Inc.

We take gamification seriously. With four board-games and three card games under our umbrella of products, our theme is integrating gamification, playful thinking and psychology as a growth solution. In fact, this is the essence of our methodology.  Our first board-game, Confidence is Boss is played along the V.I.C.T.O.R.Y. trail and throws participants into the deep end of personal growth to acquaint players with their best self.


Who is Sophia Burrell?

Sophia arrived in the US three months after 9/11 from her beloved country of Jamaica. Little did she know at the time, that all her false starts, painful flops and the symptoms of her culture shock, would become the impetus that spearheaded her entrepreneurial journey. From running her own staffing agency to speaking in 20+ high schools nationwide and to female inmates at Rikers Island, it was a matter of rising to the challenges of her higher self while managing her anxieties simultaneously.

It is Sophia's belief that although ambition, talent or education might be considered great qualities, many still need tools to organize, manage, execute and unleash their potential and capabilities. 

Much of the tools and stratagems developed for the Gamify Your Goals to Win course are a consequence of her struggles and the creative tools she developed to cope and excel. A testament for any career-driven individual to utilize for their own journey.

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