Learn how to use the V.I.C.T.O.R.Y. Formula in this 4-Milestone, 10-Day Accelerator Course. It's a psychological punch to help you repaint a bigger, bolder canvas for your goals and dreams, gain clarity on your power and confidently rise to the challenges of your higher self / calling.


Is this course for you?

1. In-company trainers, facilitators, consultants, community leaders, college teachers who needs a ready-made training resource.

2. You are a training specialist in a company seeking new ways and means to develop your staff.

3. You run a business and is looking for training material with a novel approach to personal development. 

4. You are looking for a thorough and dramatic shift from your mundane lifestyle.

5. You have tried running your own business and is still recovering from your failed attempt, yet you know you want to try again with a new set of strategies.

6. You can't help it, you are an ambitious go-getter, with big goals and dreams,  you want to create waves, but results are few and far in between. 

7. You have been in the same position year after year, you feel timid, but you really want to venture outside your comfort zone. 

Gamifying your goals

Step by step videos and instructions on how to gamify your goals using who you are, your values, identity, strengths as check pieces of a grandmaster player.

Using Self-Efficacy

Step by step videos on how to use self-efficacy to create a bigger, bolder vision your life.

Repainting Your Canvas

Videos and instructions how to repaint a bigger, bolder canvas, by reconstructing and reframing using RCI-5 Thinking Strategies.

It's your psychology that does the heavy lifting...so let it do the talking.


What's your thinking style?

Here's a list of 3 strategic and unconventional thinking style that can influence your decision making and the way you go about things.  Victory Formula Tools Lab.