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Creator of 8 board games and 3 card games that's suitable for any occasion. Awaken the indifferent at any party or event, add a sophisticated flair to your party's menu, create family time. If you have any questions? Email: [email protected]

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Below are four board games and three card games to pick from. More games will be loaded soon.


Card Game

In a race to prove who has more brass, gall and staying power:

  • A President
  • An Entrepreneur
  • A Company Executive
  • And a Personal Assistant

Utilized the V.I.C.T.O.R.Y. acronym to attain all characteristics within the acronym, while using the numbers 7, 14, 21 as a substitute to fill in the gaps for personal victory. Also, try to get all occupations listed under each quality.

Board Game Demystifying Politics


Strategy is one thing, tact is a whole other story. Politicsophy is a clever, comical and ugly game of politics

Winston Churchill said, "politics is not a game, but a serious business." This board game has a seriously comical overtone, but you are going to need your thinking cap. Although right and left suggest different directions politically, both are ideological and hypocritical at the same time.

Every player is given $150 to start. How you spend it to survive will reveal at the end if it's strictly business, politics or heart?

Board Game That Checks the Chemistry


Consciously linking and building your love story.  This game is meant to check the chemistry, arouse your intellect as well as your loins. Here's a few tips:

  • Couples only
  • Perfect game if you are seeking for a partner
  • By the time you get to #1 on the board, you might have some idea but there's still some ways to go.
  • If you both get to #10, he/she could be the one
  • Use this game to reimagine, refine, rebuild, redefine your relationship
Card Game 


It's your bold, innovative, dynamic and resourceful actions that make you King. 

  • Follow the Sovereign's Ace
  • Take notes from the Sovereign's Den
  • Queen's Palaces can freeze over

There are 10 letters in the word, including 4 'I's. Each letter represents a number 1-10.  The 'I's represent the King's Deputies of whom you need to get on your side to win. This is similar to a royal flush. Plus there are more ways to win. Let's play!

Card Game

Confidence is Boss 

This is an intellectually arousing game, i.e. playful thinking at it's best, well suited for a group of friends or colleagues trying to get acquainted. It will awaken the indifferent at any party. It's a critical thinking fiesta that can arouse one's intellect.

  • Shake the bag of chips or
  • Throw the dice
  • Chose a card that matches item on the dice/chip

Congratulations, you just found a new way to have a deeper more meaningful conversations!

Board Game

Confidence is Boss

Game time is growth time!

This is a question-driven game that throws participants into the deep end of personal growth to acquaint players with their best self. 

Confidence  represents the 'C' in the VICTORY acronym and acts like a ringleader within the game. 

  • 2 - 6 Players
  • Chose a trait and deck of cards that match
  • The 2nd round the player who finishes first
  • The 2nd round the player with highest score

The psychological element of each trait is tapped. 

It is truly a critical thinking fiesta for personal development



Could you handle the spotlight if it was on you? The best way to find out is to play this game. Experience celebrity scandals, and try earning the esteem of 'sweetheart' in the public's (players) eye.

It's not a piece of cake as you imagined.

  • Win your spotlight challenges. 
  • Know your celebrity gossip/scandals
  • Don't be shy, be bold