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Your Higher Self is a Pioneer for Your Future

Sep 02, 2022

There was a popular Instagram quote that said, "life is much more exciting when you are on the hunt for something bigger." Isn't it true that when you are pursuing something bigger than you are, larger than what was expected, extending yourself beyond what you originally thought; you find some power in that and it becomes a driver of sorts. Your higher self is intuitive, it knows what you want, it knows who you were designed to be. I believe this is the reason for ambition. Your higher self and your ambition are compadre.

Many people shoot themselves in the foot doubting their higher self, choosing instead to fall prey to the lower self and its minions - fear, doubt, insecurity. It's hard to fathom why the lower self is so powerful, but it is. It wins majority of the time, which shows its power. I realize the psychological implications are not obvious and the reason for this is that your doubts, fears and insecurities are wired into one's daily routine, to the point where they feel like home. After a while it feels natural to doubt, to envy, to be insecure. No wonder many do not choose the high road.

My personal experience with the higher self was when the idea came to me to write my first book. My lower self was adamant that I am not qualified. Luckily after some back and forth I recognized what was happening and saw the difference. I consequently pressed the ignore button on my lower self, wrote my book and even expound one of the chapters into my second book. I can imagine there are many people in this world today who have this same struggle and have handed over the power to their lower self.

The strategy therefore in allowing your higher self to rise is to go ahead and do what you fear. Take action anyway. Step outside your comfort zone for a short while. If you are insecure and lacks confidence, you are more likely to believe your lower self that you are not qualified.



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