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Employee to Owner/Boss? Here are 5 Tips to help you transition more smoothly

Dec 24, 2022

I must admit, my transition from employee to being my own boss was not a smooth one. I had longed for it, imagined it, but didn't quite prepare for it. Needless to say, I was a little naive which was why the mistakes were fast and furious and I felt the heat most ardently. One thing is for sure though, and I can put money on this, some of the things I thought were mistakes, places where I thought I was being too audacious and some hard lessons, turned into my biggest blessings and added juice to my story. 

Here are 5 tips to help you transition into being your own boss and avoid some rookie mistakes:

1. If you are going to trademark a phrase or word, etc buy the domain name first (.com). This was a mistake I made some years ago. I trademarked one of my board games and I knew the domain name was available but after I submitted my trademark application someone beat me to the punch and bought that domain name before I was able to. Sometimes you can get overly excited about the trademark application process and forget about the domain name. This is a rookie mistake you can avoid. The person who owns the domain name can take business away from what you actually set out to do. Here's another thing, domain names associated with trademarks cost more. Meaning, the person who snatched the domain name before I did, was selling it very shortly after for $967. Be aware that this has happened to a lot of people, so it occurs more often than you think. The good news though is that you could probably buy that domain name but it's going to cost you.

2. When you hear the word no, most of the time it simply means not now. It's never fatal. Disappointing yes, but it's not the end of the world. Some people are just not ready for what you have to offer and that's okay. Early in my career I was a Youth Speaker. On my count, I have spoken in at least 25 high schools in New York, New Jersey and DC. The biggest opportunity during that time was speaking to female inmates at Rikers Island. That gig was hard to get. I am not even sure why I wanted to do that. It made sense as a speaker I suppose. It took a year for the commissioner to finally say yes. I used to call her office every week. I had no idea she would finally say yes because the answer was no for a long time.

3. Be proactive. Make moves and simply be resourceful. You have to think outside the box to have a competitive advantage. Yes, use your imagination according to Einstein. I am the author of four self-published books. I was not making any sales for a long period of time, but I got an idea one day to order a bunch of my books and send them to libraries all over the world. I simply went on Google and found libraries around the world and mailed my book to them with a note asking if they could add it to their catalog.

4. Think big. I realize many people do not think or venture outside their neighborhoods or their counties. We are in a global economy. Perhaps you are thinking that you are just a sole proprietor, nevertheless you can seek trademark protection for your creations or products in many other countries other than the United States. What I found was that New York might not appreciate the service or products I carry but there are individuals, groups and companies in other places of the world who might find your stuff amazing. Hence the reason for seeking protection in other countries too. Bear in mind too, the US has 50 States, and chances are the west coast mind find your stuff boring while east coast, middle America or even the back woods of the United States might think it's amazing. Don't be disappointed if a selected few are not convinced about your product.

5. Be careful of the company you keep, some people will suck the life and light out of you. Your immediate circle is important. They can drain you,  help you adjust your crown and or congratulate you when you make progress. You can bounce ideas off of them, you can show them your first draft, and share with them your big grand goals, but the biggest lesson you are going to learn is that not everyone wishes you well. It will sting when the very people you thought were on your side, do not want to see you shine. 


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