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Resilience is a powerful process of rebounding and reintegration

adaptability career goals coping skills integrattion optimism personal growth psychology rebound reintegration resilience self-efficacy Nov 11, 2022

It's your psychology that does the heavy lifting and where your power lies. Resilience is a psychological phenomenon that takes coping skills,  adaptability, self-efficacy and the effects of steeling (mental (strengthening) into question. Coping skills are intimately linked to the protective alliances of adaptability and self-efficacy.  In other words, there's a psychological adjustment that needs to take place that reconciles the tension of defeat by redoubling one's effort and replacing a pessimistic narrative of fear, anxiety and powerlessness.

For rebounding to be effective, redoubling of one's effort must be a priority, with a focused discourse of attending to possibilities with optimistic alternatives. Learning quickly how to do things differently is key. "Optimism is a force multiplier," said Colin Powell. This force multiplier increases the effectiveness of any process including the execution of a strategy and its capabilities. 

Reintegration can lead to leaps and bounds because to restore power, normalcy, or rebuilding what was damaged or lost  is more likely to increase its effectiveness and strengthen what was considered weak. It's like that old adage, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. It decreases the effect of any vulnerabilities.


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