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How to use your 'Initiative' to get what you want

Apr 19, 2022

Steven Covey said, "taking initiative is a form of self-empowerment." Being resourceful and independent in one's thinking comes with many benefits. Empowerment being one them. Empowerment is wealth. Doing something without being told what to do and actually solving a problem with a new and different strategy you thought up, is an endearing and formidable quality. "initiative is to success as match is to a candle" (Orlando Batista).

Within the V.I.C.T.O.R.Y. acronym are 7 enduring qualities essential to victory.  The 'I" stands for initiative. In the gamification process of gamifying one's goals, initiative is assimilated as the King in chess. This process of assimilation is meant to teach the individual how to make certain moves to reach their goals.

Generally, the king does everything epic. His movements, strategies and plans are gallant and they sends a message that I'm the authority here, I'm in control and I know what I want. In chess he has the ability to move in every direction, one square at a time. These squares is where all action steps/plans will be set in motion. Indeed, this is outside the box thinking about how to solve problems, achieve your goals and finding different ways to go about things.

When 'Initiative' assimilates the King it helps repaint and rebuild a bigger, bolder canvas (image) that captures your best self for the win. This is also initiative creating a self-empowering vehicle that can take you anywhere. 

To learn more about the tools of the V.I.C.TO.R.Y. Method and dive into its psychological goldmine that will capture and establish your best self for the win. Click to get started.


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