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Gamify Your Goals in 3 Steps

Mar 13, 2022

Gamification is an exciting process and it comes with loads of benefits. The main dynamics of gamification are very compelling. It is these dynamics that brings out the competitive nature of human beings, drive success channels for rewards, fame, and altruism. Whether it's competition, a social life, badges, rewards, or success, these pull players in and many times, that's what keeps them playing. This is true regardless of race, culture or gender.

Gamifying one's goal takes a similar approach, except it is data driven. To gamify one's goals using the V.I.C.T.O.R.Y. acronym one has to consider the psychology behind each quality within this acronym and how to pull that forward so it is tied to their values, strengths, goals, dreams and identity. Keep in mind that, vivacious (spark), initiative, confidence, tenacity, optimism, results-oriented and yearning are baseline values, but results (what one is playing for) is at the center. Therefore, every thing should point to the "trophy" in the middle.

Here are three steps you can do on your own to help gamify your goals. Let's focus on the first 3 letters in the acronym.

1. Vivacious (spark) - Answer these questions and keep them handy. (a) What makes you unique, stands out or is memorable about you.

2. Initiative - What steps have you taken or planning to take towards achieving your goal? Make a list of bold resourceful steps/action you can take. Who you need to talk to, events you need to attend, information that is pertinent to the realization of this goals (education, books, article, podcast, etc.)

3. Confidence - Confidence has a showrunner posture and is credited for establishing, demonstrating and or initiating the quality requires to win. So, list 5 things you love about yourself, what are you complimented on frequently. This list is your go-to for how you are going to present yourself. You cannot enter a space without knowing who you are, what you are about and your trump card.

This information gives you a grandmaster player posture and chess pieces to help you play the game to win. Gamifying your goals is a critical thinking exercise that establishes who you, where you want to go, and what you need to do under those baseline qualities. Implementing all 7 qualities in the formula makes it an efficient roadmap to reach your goals.


To learn more about the tools of the V.I.C.TO.R.Y. Method and dive into its psychological goldmine that will capture and establish your best self for the win. Click to get started.


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