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3 Kick-Ass Unconventional Strategies to Help you Win

Mar 12, 2022

1. It’s hard to imagine a life where psychology does not play a role, so it’s often overlooked as something important that could set you apart. One unconventional but game-changing strategy is to learn how to appraise and interpret a problem, situation, or circumstance from an abstract perspective. You are going to be thinking futuristically, predictably, and optimistically about what is happening. This thinking strategy can connect the dots, affect your approach, and open new doors or opportunities that would not have presented themselves had you not think about it in that abstract manner. I’ve often said that, you can still be optimistic without leaving your reality. The downstream consequences will be determined by how you appraise and interpret what’s happening today.

2. If confidence is not at the center, fear usually takes the lead. Fear plays to a different tune leading to a completely different reality. Fear is the leader of the “firing squad” and to dump this SOB, you must be unconventional in your tactics or approach. Here’s an idea. Redouble your efforts with anything that appears difficult, challenging or filled with hurdles. Listen, some traits are like warriors, they fuel your fire; they make you ruthless and give you the courage to persist which ultimate yields victory. By the way, confidence represents the “C” in victory and because it is the ringleader of all traits, it relays instructions and all the other traits feeds on it. It affects your tenacity (how long and hard you try), how proactive you are, your enthusiasm, and ultimately your results. Redoubling your efforts is what warriors do to have a better chance at winning. Might not seem that unconventional, but how many you know or heard of who gave up or settled after their first defeat, failure, or stumbling block.

 3. The fact that we are in a global economy means that a lot of integration has taken place. Integrative thinking is a common business practice. Many had to integrate to survive. Integration is part of the social enterprise. I believe integration could solve many of our social ills. Psychologically, it can be impactful to integrate, specifically because of the advantages. One unconventional way to win psychologically speaking, is to integrate with sides you wouldn’t normally consider. Might seem like a tough call but the benefits are encouraging.

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